WoW Classic: Fast Leveling Tipps

WoW Classic (15€ on Amazon) launches on 27, August 2019 and it should bring back feelings of the past.

In Classic, you need much longer than the live servers to reach the maximum level. The speed-level world record is just under five days (pure playing time). Even if you are well organized and have a lot of time, you will probably need at least two weeks. We have gathered some leveling tips to help you making you journey as efficient as possible.

General leveling tips:

  • Use Addons: Old addons for questing and interfaces can be found on
  • Combine Quests: Try to complete several quests simultaneously (Questbook Max 20 quests)
  • Save money for your mount: Learning to ride a horse and buy a mount is damn expensive at just under 100 gold. You’ll have to save it from the start.
  • Only learn required skills: Skills are costly and trainers are sometimes not on your track. Inform yourself when you should visit your trainer and when not
  • Focus on your weapon: If you’re looking to upgrade your gear, investments in your weapon slot are most efficient.
  • Use a bank char: Send items to your bank character first and deal with selling later instead of running back to the auction house again and again.
  • No summoning sickness before LVL 10: You can revive at the graveyard before LVL 10 without receiving summoning sickness
  • Grind mobs on the way to quests: Quests are rare in some regions and should be rounded up by killing mobs on your way
  • Keep your food/drink updated: Make sure you have the latest up to date food/drink
  • Hearthstone’s cooldown ticks when logged out:
    Remember that the Hearthstone’s cooldown will still tick down even when logged out.
WoW Classic Speedleveling Guide by Kargoz