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Gaming Hardware: Most Popular Gaming Mouses Among Apex Legends Pro Gamers

As with any Battle Royale, choosing the best mouse for Apex Legends may be a deciding factor for your aiming.
Mice for players must have very special characteristics to go through as such. They should fit well in the hand, have a high sampling rate with the laser sensor and ideally still offer some additional keys that can be occupied freely.

The Page has analyzed the mo...

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Gaming Hardware: Equipment of WC3 Pro Grubby

Grubby is a Dutch professional WC3 gamer. He has been competing in eSports in the real-time strategy games Warcraft III and Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne as well as Wings of Liberty and Heart of the Swarm. As an Orc player in Warcraft, Grubby has won more than 38 LAN tournaments, of which 6 are World Championships, which has led to him being known as the King of Orcs even after his transition to StarCraft II...

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Gaming Hardware: Most Popular Keyboards Among CS:GO Pro Gamers

Whether writing e-mails, chatting or playing – a gaming keyboard has to meet a wide variety of requirements. Precision, typing and workmanship are the most important thing, but comfort features (such as multimedia control) are also important for your ingame experience.

The Page has analyzed the most common gaming keyboards among CS:GO professional players and came up ...

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