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WoW Classic: Fast Leveling Tipps

WoW Classic (15€ on Amazon) launches on 27, August 2019 and it should bring back feelings of the past.

In Classic, you need much longer than the live servers to reach the maximum level. The speed-level world record is just under five days (pure playing time). Even if you are well organized and have a lot of time, you will probably need at least two weeks...

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WoW Classic: Content Plan Revealed

Blizzards Community Manager Kaivax has revelead the content strategy of WoW Classic (15€ on Amazon) which launches on 27/28 August, 2019.

At BlizzCon 2018, Blizzard proposed a plan to give Classic four content phases. These were planned to be centered primarily on raid power progression. They have increased the amount of content phases to six with the following contents.

This has, among other things, to do with the fact that originally i...

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WoW Classic: Minimal System Requirements Released

When WoW Classic (15€ on Amazon) launches on 27, August 2019 it should bring back the feeling of the past. This includes the lower graphics and a level of detail that does not match the state of current releases. Accordingly, WoW Classic will not stress your computers as much as the current retail version. However, since the upcoming Classic is not exactly the version of the past, but based on the engine of patch 7.3...

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